Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Doing whatever you want

A conversation today between Abraham and me.

Abraham:  Mama, I would be super happy if we could have one day of just riding on rides and watching shows and playing on the phone and eating as many treats as we want. And then going to the store with a bunch of money and buying a lot of toys.

Me:  That would be fun, to have one day of just doing whatever you want.

Abraham:  Yeah, we need a break of doing the things you want and just do what I want to do.

Me:  Maybe we could have one day during the summer of just doing all the things you want to do.

Abraham:  Yeah, that would be great! Let’s do it during the summer. If we can have a day to do whatever I want, I want to go to Disney World. For six days!

Me:  Well, I guess I should have said, we could have a day to do whatever you want in Nashville.

Abraham:  Well, if we can have a day to do whatever I want in Nashville, then I want to build a Disney World! In our backyard! And we can get somebody to make Mickey ice creams. And we could have Darth Vader ice cream and F ice cream and Batman ice cream….

Me:  F ice cream?

Abraham:  …and Superman ice cream, and Avengers ice cream…

Me:  Wait, F ice cream?

Abraham:  You know, like the letter F.

Me:  But why F and not any other letters?

Abraham:  Okay, what about F and G?

Abraham:  We’re going to make a Death Star right that we get in a giant Star Destroyer and zoom into space and then we’ll be in the Millenium Falcon zooming around and we can have costumes and we can bring ice cream there but it only has to be Avenger ice cream. Mama, there’s something strange about the Hulk ice cream because it’s super hard.

And there was more, about fighting giant robot super heroes and building roller coasters but it was impossible to record...

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