Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Things to remember

Abraham was pretending to be sad, as he does sometimes (weirdo), and then he said....that candy would make him happy. HA. Hahaha. Nice try, buddy! Luckily, the novelty of eating pretend candy was enough to do the trick.

We are mostly/practically/almost weaned over here. Whew/Hoorah!/Sadface all at the same time. But the point is, he wrote a song yesterday about nursing. As he played the drum, these are the lyrics he sang: "Breast, nurse, Abraham nurse breast, I do, yes." Ahahaha. It cracks me up every time I think about it. And, even though he can pronounce "Abraham" very clearly now, he still often refers to himself with an earlier pronunciation, as he did in this song: Abadaboo!

Another cute thing: he is getting the hang of apologies. If he hurts me, he will often say "sorry." But he also says sorry if he gets hurt. Say I bump him accidentally. He says, "Sorry." Or if he bumps his head on the table or trips on something, he'll say sorry.

Speaking of social graces, he also says please quite regularly and unprompted. And I think he is fast learning that it totally melts my heart and that he will get his way. I need to video this. He'll be yelling, "Pretzel! Pretzel! Pretzel!" and then all of a sudden his voice gets soft and sing-songy and he says "Please pretzel." Okay, it's really more like "peas petzu" but you get the idea.

Friday, July 15, 2011

email from my husband that made me laugh for a long time:

i went to the goodwill outlet store and it was traumatic because it was just crazy looking people frantically digging through large bins of unsorted crap.  like monkeys looking for fruit hidden under straw or i dunno chewbacca digging for robot parts.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Themes of importance

So, since I changed the name of my blog, this might have messed up the (few) people who were following me. Not sure? Anyway, I changed it on FB, so it should be importing properly now. And then all you people should follow me, rather than just reading it in your newsfeed. Why? So I can become rich, obviously.

I wanted to find a video of Ryan Adams singing "Tennessee Sucks (in the summer)" to post here, but apparently it's not a popular enough song. But c'mon, my Tennessean peeps, do you feel me on this one? I hate when it's too hot to be outside.

Also, I'm so mad at my yard. It's full of chiggers. I have - not even joking - over 20 bites all over me at this point. We tried an all-natural repellent in the yard, but I guess it didn't work. Need to do some more research, because I hate that I'd have to put poison in my yard in order to be able to be outside without getting bitten. Any suggestions?

I've got a hankering for writing again now thanks in part to Ashley's post about how hard it is. But I have a sort-of idea for some poetry inspiration, so maybe I'll work on that, and post something here if it turns out decent. You know, in all of my spare time. Gugugugoo!

Meanwhile, here's the last good one I wrote, and the last bad one. I'll let you decide which is which. No titles.

Sept. 21

At the door, a man stood.
Backwards twisting words of his.
Dark hole of a mouth shaping forms.
Rolling, foggy sounds escaping.
Covered by my hands, my ears.
On the table, fists pounded
into the night spewing.
Colors, shapes, and blocks.
Verbally sentences diagrammed.
Trees of sentences.
Prepositions of.
Quickly adverbs.
            Dark, beautiful adjectives
through my fingers squeezing
            my ears into.

Nov. 30

And I hear the “ding” that is you
playing Mario
while I lie in bed under a pillow
and I get mad
and I want to crush all your Oreos.