Thursday, May 19, 2011

A delicacy in some parts, I hear

As you may have heard, the world is ending this Saturday. I'm realizing now that there have definitely been some signs! For instance, the plague of locust at my house.

Okay, cicadas, whatever. The point is, science is crazy and freaky! It started with all of a sudden over night hundreds of the exoskeletons or skins or what have you (pictured above...and below) attached to our house and trees and bushes.

Seriously, EVERYWHERE. So many. These pictures don't do it justice at all. At first we only saw a few of the actual adult bugs, but then, unbelievably, even more crunchy skins everywhere and now swarms of adult bugs! They are slow and big and gross and everywhere and LOUD.

So we did some research, and it turns out they have a 13 year life cycle. So for 13 years they live underground, and then come out just once to mate and die. The picture above shows the holes that are all over the ground where they have emerged. Thinking of suing for property damage.

Here's what the adults look like. Luckily, they are pretty harmless. They don't eat the plants or bite or anything. They just swarm and then die all over your porch.

I showed the little bug shells to Abraham, and of course he didn't know that they're gross, so he picked one up immediately...

And smashed it gleefully between his hands.

Monday, May 9, 2011


I was cooking corn for dinner, boiling it still in the husk, and Abraham wanted to see what I was making. So I held him up, he pointed, and I told him it was corn. But then I realized that maybe he had never seen corn in the husk before, and I was trying to think of the word "husk" so I could explain it to him.

Me: I'm cooking corn. It's in do you call it?

Abraham: Wa-wa. (Water).

I had to laugh. Poor kid, his mom can't even remember what water is called.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baby brains

I read this blog post today about what the author calls a "toddler mind map" - basically a visual representation of all the things that are important to the toddler at the time. This is such a cute idea to me, mainly as something to look back on and remember what Abraham was like at different ages. So I want to draft a little list while the thought is with me of things that I might include. I really like the idea of it being visual so that he can enjoy it as well, but this will be a first step.

These are the things, people, events, etc that he is very into right now. He might express it through his conversation ("incoherent toddler speak HAMMER incoherent toddler speak"), choice of activity, or by CONSTANTLY asking me to tell him about things. He asks by pointing to my mouth and saying, for instance, "moon." This means I have to tell him about the time (like a MONTH ago) that he saw the moon outside in the sky and said he wanted to hold it, but it was too far away and he couldn't reach it. Then I have to tell him more about how he can be an astronaut and fly to the moon in a rocket (including count down and blast off) and then walk on the moon and find moon rocks. He especially likes the part about the moon rocks. He asks me to tell him about the moon nearly every day, often more than once, and always (Lord help me) more than once in a row. There is really only so much that one can say about the moon, I have learned.

So here goes! Abe's 19-month-old brain, in no particular order:

  1. Trying to reach the moon
  2. The moon in general. Anything even remotely crescent-shaped, he points out as a moon.
  3. Going to the doctor (especially when the doctor hit his knee with a hammer)
  4. Going to Feast at the Baha'i Center, listening to music and eating a cookie
  5. The story of Abraham and the Three Bears
  6. Food: Pistachios. Also, pistachios. And pistachios. Followed closely by cashews and cranberries. Seriously, this kid would live off of nuts and beans if I let him.
  7. Playing with play-doh. Or more accurately, forcing me to play with play-doh while he watches and commands.
  8. Letters and numbers
  9. Counting to three and doing something, for instance, jumping off the couch, throwing a ball
  10. Fingerpainting
  11. Swinging
  12. Eggs: he plays with the plastic ones and eats the real ones. And also plays with the real ones by smashing them when they are hard-boiled. Un. Fortunate.
  13. Certain people...but I won't name them so as to not sadden those of you who may be left out.
  14. Pink bear
  15. Making shadows big and small (at night in his room with a little lantern)
  16. A cheap little finger puppet that came with a pack of wash clothes. He wants the puppet to change his diaper. He wants the puppet to play basketball with him. This will be troubling if continued into adulthood.

Always loves:
Garbage cans
Music and musical instruments
Chocolate : \
Stuffed animals

I'm sure I will think of another thing or two later, but this is a lot, actually. Especially if I have to draw it all. Maybe I can just use clip art... Oh technology, how lazy you make me!

PS - What a cute baby! What a good idea! I can already tell that even just 6 months from now I will love reading this list and remembering his little quirks and interests.