Thursday, May 28, 2009

hellboy aliens cook

So, I kind of forgot to write about the main thing I wanted to write about. And I don't do edits for content, only grammar.

Baby names! We have taken (and are taking, I suppose) suggestions, mostly shooting them down. And we think we may have settled on a name. At least a first name, and possibly the middle name. But I'm not sure if I want to tell people. I don't want people to not like the name, and it seems like if we wait until the baby's born and actually name him, then people will be less likely to be critical of the name.

Anderson thinks we should just tell people if they ask, and if they don't like it, say, "Well what would you suggest? Braiden?" (No offense to all you Braiden-lovers out there.)

So, advice me, people of the internet.

Yes, I meant advice and not advise.
Life = Unpredictable = Stressful

And by life I really just mean buying a house. And getting a job. And the flu. And school. I wish I could be one of those people that doesn't let things like that stress them out, but I have not achieved that state of being yet. I think I don't know how to relax in increments. If I am busy for most of the day and then have a few hours free, I waste them on Facebook or TV, which I think are not genuinely relaxing activities, but just mind-numbing activities that help you forget about other things. I want to be able to actually relax for an hour and feel refreshed. Yoga helps. The pool will help. Other suggestions?

Also, anyone have any idea why it is that mashed potatoes are so delicious? It seems out of proportion with their ingredients.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a birthday reflection

I am sick. Sickity-sick. Sick sick sick. Sickity-sick.
Now everybody sing along!
Now it's a solo from Influenza Type B!
A touching story of a young woman's struggle to breathe freely through both nostrils at once and occasionally stop coughing. Luckily, she lives in a land where fruit juices and noodle soup are abundantly found.

Friday, May 15, 2009

spamming the blog

I feel mushy.

Also, waiting for an answer is the worst thing ever. If we get the house, great. If we don't, I'm still okay with it, because I feel that what's meant to happen will happen. So I'm theoretically detached from the outcome. But then why have I been sitting on pins and needles since we submitted the offer Wednesday morning? I just want to know, man, so we can move on with our lives! We should know by the end of the day, but the suspense is killing me.

Also, I hate work. A lot. And school.

Also, I haven't watched Grey's Anatomy really at all this season, except for about 4 episodes near the beginning. Once Denny started showing up regularly, I decided it was dumb. But now that I've heard details about the finale (I won't spoil it for you), I kinda want to watch it again. It's like a soap opera and yet so alluring, with its trashy, drama-filled story line.

That is all.

"check out" this "blog" - Blog of Unnecessary Quotation Marks

Anderson pointed me to this amusing little gem, and I thought I'd share. Katie, in particular, I know will appreciate this! :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

growing up and down

So I've noticed that my son seems to keep a schedule as far as when he is most active. Which is cool and all, but why exactly must he practice break-dancing right when I am trying to go to sleep? Tonight especially he's keeping me up, either trying to escape or building a summer home, not sure which.

In other news, although I am very tired of it, house hunting today was especially good. We saw one house that I really love, and one that Anderson really loves. Sadly, they are two different houses. Anderson claims that since I picked going to Honduras and moving to Nashville, he gets to pick the house now. And then I told him his house was dumb. We are very mature.

It's crazy, being all grown up, having a baby, buying a house. Part of me freaks out a bit whenever I think about it like this and about being almost 27, and I think, what happened to freshman year and all my various cool college roomies and friends and abandoned houses with baby bats and road trips to NOLA and the coast and going to shows and BSing at Waffle house at 3 in the morning....seems like it all passed by too quickly.

But it's also cool, moving into this new phase in life. Having a house means a yard and a garden and hardwood floors and painting. And then today we were watching House reruns, and one came on about a kid who was going to die, and I thought, oh man, what if my kid dies? And I got really sad. But it was kind of good, because I think it reaffirmed too how much I really want him and am ready for him. I feel really fortunate for that because obviously that's not something that everyone who has a baby gets to feel. Of course, if I had gotten pregnant earlier, I know we would have adjusted and been happy about it, but I'm glad we're at this place where we both feel ready and excited.

I feel like I said "cool" too many times in this post. And maybe started too many sentences with conjunctions. But that's a dumb rule anyway. See how I just broke it twice more? What a rebel.