Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Babies are people too

Recently I've starting giving Ham an after-bath massage with baby oil, and he LOVES it. It absolutely cracks me up the way he just lies there all relaxed, with a sleepy look on his face, while I massage him. I think part of what makes it so funny is that you don't see babies really holding still for things, but he does for this! Then last night, I decided to try a face massage and see what he thought. I kind of expected him to hate it, but he enjoyed it and started looking reeeeally sleepy. It was so sweet.

He did his first-ever actual person-like helpful thing today. My watch had fallen behind the bed, and when I pointed under the bed and asked him to get it, he crawled under there immediately, grabbed the watch, and brought it back out to me.

It's so amazing to me to watch his communication skills develop. Although he's not speaking at this point, he understands so many things, much more than we give him credit for, I think. Lately I have been testing his understanding by giving simple commands (which I normally do, but I've started including things that I don't expect him to actually know), asking him to find objects, etc. And it's incredible that he knows so much! I also love how affectionate he is, with me and his stuffed animals! He gives hugs and kisses when asked, and whenever he sees a stuffed animal, the first thing he does his hug and cuddle with it. Here he is cuddling with his cat.