Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Things I want to remember

1. Abe is a very serious baby. An adult baby. Check out the pictures, you’ll see what I mean. Furrowed brow, intense stare.

2. The way he opens his mouth to say he wants a kiss and then sticks out his tongue when I kiss him.

3. When he starts to fall asleep while nursing and looks up at me accusingly with half-closed eyes as if to say, “You did this to me.” Like I drugged him or something.

4. When he makes a super sad face without crying: pouty, quivery lower lip and eyes welling up with tears. Cutest, saddest baby in the world!

5. How he hates tummy time.

6. Holding his fists up like a boxer.

7. This new thing he does where he stops nursing, leans back to look up at me, and holds out one arm with his hand in a fist. I have no idea what he’s doing or why! I try bumping daps, holding hands, kissing his hand, pretending to eat his hand. They are all met with the same serious stare, making me think I’m not getting it.