Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Months ago, the days seemed so long. I couldn't wait for five o'clock when Anderson would get home and give me a little reprieve, especially on days when we stayed home. Now, though, the days zoom by, each hour slipping away unnoticed. Now I look forward to a day, like today, with nowhere to go, no plans. And the day is still flying by. I can't figure out what has changed. Here's a little run-down of our day so far...doesn't it seem like we have done nothing? How can the day be almost over already? (The times are not estimated. We end and start our activities precisely on the minute. Yes...)

7:30  -  Wake up (later than usual) just in time to say goodbye to Anderson, play around in bed for a bit.

8:00  -  Abraham plays around in the kitchen while I have a quick breakfast. (He usually nurses as soon as he wakes up and so doesn't want breakfast).

8:15  -  We play with the play-doh we made yesterday. I need to take pictures of this.

8:30  -  He eats crackers and cheese while I do the dishes.

8:50  -  Coloring with markers on the fridge. Well not ON the fridge...on paper on the fridge. This is actually an excellent idea, if I do say so myself. We were doing this with the paper on the floor, but he seems to prefer standing and find it easier to draw and move around. I wanted to take a video of him drawing with one marker, and then putting the top back on and putting it in the bucket, but as soon as I get out the phone/camera, he just wants to watch videos on it. But I was able to get a picture! What a little artist!

9:30  -  A little Sesame Street and Elmo's World. Man, does he love Elmo.

10:00  -  Outside! Raking, running, rescuing worms, and then a walk with Abe in the stroller.

11:20  -  Back inside for lunch and a little whining. Definitely getting close to nap time.

12:00  -  Start nap process

12:30  -  Sleeping!

He'll sleep till 2:30 or 3, and then if the weather's still nice, we'll go outside and blow bubbles. Probably color with markers some more. And we haven't even played with toys in his room at all today! Then dinner and the day's almost over. See what I mean? So fast!

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