Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So, I sometimes don't write in my blog. And this mostly has to do with a baby. There's the baby's natural time-thievery, of course. But there's also this: that baby becomes the only Material. The only topic of Discussion. And maybe some people don't wanna hear about my dang ol' baby every day. But I think now with the new year approaching, I need to embrace this as my current reality. In fact, baby really needs to be upgraded to toddler, and toddler is way cool. Seriously. Read on, and you will see.

And now that baby = toddler, I am reading Montessori everything and trying to create "games" and "activities" rather than just toys. And I am tired of plastic. Tired of brightly colored and noisy. I want wood, and simple, and open-ended. These are the things toddler spends more time with anyway.

But I'm learning, here, guys, and open to suggestions. How To Make the Perfect Baby Toddler Boy Into Real Person. That is the book I would like to read. Or maybe, How Much Can Brain Hold If Not Stifled? Toddler brain so far holds the names and/or sounds of all letters. Some numbers, colors, and shapes. Especially the crescent or moon shape. Did you know a C is a moon? And so is a cashew? And so is a cartoon mouth? He has pointed all of these moons out to me. Moons are everywhere and amazing.

He also climbs steps, drinks from a glass, puts away his toys, plays hide-and-seek, reflects on his actions, and wishes desperately for the motor skills necessary for dressing himself. Alas! To be able to put on a shoe!

So we are doing some fun stuff here these days. Like making smoothies! I promise these are berries and not blood or tomatoes.

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