Friday, April 3, 2009


Soooo...I had to be at a school at 9:15 this morning for tutoring, and when I arrived, the place was jam-packed with parents. Oh no. So I go inside and ask the secretary what's going on. She says they're having their awards ceremony. I ask, Is it the whole school? She says yes. I ask, Did it just start? She says, No, it just ended, everyone is starting to leave. Perfect! I can still get my kids. So I go to the classroom and the teacher says, Oh, we're about to go to the awards ceremony. I'm so sorry I forgot to tell you about it.

What the heck, secretary? So I end up having to drive back home and now have to go back in the afternoon.

So then, I'm supposed to meet with a teacher at another school across town to discuss a project we're working on. She had just sent me an email last night saying, yes, 11am would be great. So I get there, go to her room, and she's not there. I hang around for about 10 minutes. Then I go to the office, which is right next door. They don't know where she is and suggest checking the break room since it's the teacher's planning period. I check, she's not there, no one has seen her. I go back to her room and wait. Then back to the office to ask again. They ask around with no luck and say sometimes she leaves campus for lunch. I call her cell phone. No answer. I check my email. No message. At 11:30am I finally decide to go home. I mean, I had to leave at 12pm anyway.

So, as you can see, today has been fun. And I still have to go back to the first school, and then drive to Franklin, and then come home and clean my house, and get up at 7am on Saturday. :(

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  1. poor reen! i wish i could give those ppl a peace of my mind!