Thursday, April 23, 2009

easy like sunday...afternoon


So I bought a box of these guys on a whim because I'm really into foods that require little to no preparation on my part, plus are healthy. These take 10 minutes in the oven and are organic and whole wheat and vegetarian. I pop them in, go get a little work done (read, check Facebook), and then come back and open the oven door's silent. There's no sizzling. You know, the way things in the oven usually sizzle letting you know they're nice and hot. But it's been 10 minutes, and they look brown on top, so I get them out. And that's when I realize the reason for the lack of sizzle.

There's no grease! Like, none! This makes me very excited thinking about how healthy this must be. I cross my fingers. Please let them taste good. They're delicious!!

And thus worthy of a blog entry. I hope this wasn't too tedious for you.


  1. true, they are good

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  2. Me + Amy's = happy.

    I also like the burritos. They make my lunch happy.

    Also I realize that my school negativity just bleeds off everywhere (see my honor council posts) and I didn't mean to get it all over your Facebook ;>

  3. haha, np, i didn't take it personally. i would hate me too if i were you. :)