Tuesday, April 14, 2009

upon waking

I had a dream that I felt the baby moving and could see his whole arm poking out of my stomach. Anderson thought it was cool, so we took the baby out to play with him for a while and then put him back in when we were done.

This will be an unfortunate next several months if I'm already this ready for him to be born! :)


  1. Just wait until you can see the imprint of his feet or hands on your tum. When that happened to my SIL, it was incredibly weird. (In fact, I often use it to persuade myself not to get pregnant - hand prints on my innards.)

  2. Wait, that happens? Are you serious? Creeeeeepy!

  3. Yep. I saw the trail of my nephew's hand across a tum once. I dunno if it happens to all women, but you should be on the lookout.