Saturday, March 21, 2009


For those of you that were holding your breath, I am finally starting to feel less sick! In fact, I had no idea how good mildly nauseous could feel! And the countdown to finding out baby's sex is 11 days. Crazy.

Now, to make sure I do not turn into one of those women that only talks about babies and pregnancy, I will talk about Spring. And Lost. And Peggle. How's that for variety?

Today for Naw-Ruz (Baha'i New Year), a bunch of us went out to Centennial Park for a picnic and frisbee match. As Emily said, two years in row solidifies this as a Nashville tradition. There was a pretty good turn-out, too - about 25ish people, although I am terrible at estimating numbers. I will lose every jellybean counting contest that I enter. It was really great to hang out with people after being antisocial for the past three months.

Oh yeah, people. Also, Anderson's family came up to visit on Wednesday and stayed until Friday. It was fun...eating and shopping and crawling art galleries. [baby reference] The mother-in-law took me shopping for maternity clothes, which was fun and funny and awkward. [/baby reference]

On to Lost...Anderson and I are Netflixing the series...we're on season three. I do enjoy it, but I am also very annoyed with basically most of the characters for not consulting with each other more. Do you know how many problems and even deaths could have been prevented just by consulting and not keeping secrets? Jeez, people, get it together! I'm also annoyed that the characters don't make the choices that I would make if I were in their situation. They never ask the right questions or do the right things. I don't mean right as in morally right, just right as in what I think the best thing to do would be. So annoying.

Peggle is fun.

The end.


  1. I totally agree w/you about the Lost ppl not consulting enough.....way annoying. and tell me more about peggle. also, the word verification that i have to type is perbimpl, ahahaha!

  2. you didn't even tell me you had a blog....rude!