Friday, March 6, 2009

baby update

Whoo, I just posted and here I am writing again. Must be the boredom. Or the procrastination. One of the two.

Today I had one of those juicy moments of, wow, I'm pregnant, that's my baby don't touch it, goo goo, gaa gaa. Sappy, yes. I took a walk because it was bloody beautiful outside for once, and although I walked at a very leisurely pace, I was exhausted after 10 minutes and approximately 1/2 a mile. I don't know if it's all this extra blood I'm carrying around (supposedly, my blood volume has doubled), or just the fact that I haven't exercised regularly in 2 months. But anyway, I didn't really want to walk, but I did it for the baby, which led to the sappy thoughts listed above.

So, for those of you keeping up, I'm entering the 16th week of pregnancy, which is...whoa, the end of the fourth month. The baby's about 4 inches long. You may compare it to the fruit of your choice, although I have been told it is the size of an apple. And on April 1st, we find out the sex! Exciting, though it is a suspicious day to find out new information.

On the hormonal side, I've been paranoid about sleeping on my back because this book said that the pressure of the uterus could block some blood vessels and reduce blood flow to the baby. But it's sooo comfy on my back, and my midwife didn't say anything about not sleeping on my back, and my sister said she slept that way for a while and her baby's fine, and my mom who had seven of us said, c'mon, people have been doing this forever, it's not that easy to damage a baby and if it were, you'd have been given a stricter warning. But still, the paranoia abounds. And I believe induced the following dream:

I dreamed I was going into labor, but it was July, so it was over a month early and I was worried about it a lot. Then I was in the hospital with Anderson and my mom and maybe my sister, and we were listening to the baby's heartbeat on a monitor. Then somebody gave me a brownie, and when I started eating it, the baby's heart stopped beating!! What am I doing to my baby??? Yes, this dream was days ago and I am still fretting about it. The ever-sensitive husband said that I'm officially pregnant and crazy. Although I think he was also referring to my bursting into tears when asking if he'd do the dishes. So maybe he has a point.


  1. Dude. Everyone has crazy pregnant dreams.

    And I don't want to freak you out, but everyone (at least I know that has been pregnant) has crazy dead baby dreams. They are totally normal.

    Brownies don't kill babies. I want a brownie however.

    I had no breakfast.

    /pays attention in lecture

  2. but what if my baby is part dog? then the brownie might kill it!