Thursday, August 11, 2011

Artistic round-up in photos

Making tortillas. Cooking is art!


Body as canvas

Creating ocean scene before beach trip. That's real sand, baby!

Adding fish and shell stickers

Playing dress up

Creating ocean in a bottle to take on beach trip

Open-ended art activity: I put out paint, glue, paper, scraps of paper and felt, cotton balls, q-tips, etc for him to use as he pleased.  

...Ultimately, he didn't do that much with it. :(  I think it was too "messy" for him. We'll try again another time!

New art table arrangement, with materials out on table instead of in cabinet. He went straight for it as soon as he woke up from his nap. Amazing how just changing up the location/presentation of something will get him interested.

Very intent.
That's it for now! Sensory play round-up coming up soon! See how cheaty these posts are? I get to share a bunch of things that we've been doing without actually writing about them that much! Ha!

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