Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Abraham and the Three Bears

Another literature connection we did last week (omg, can you tell I'm an English teacher? awkward!) was to create scenes from the story of "Abraham and the Three Bears" that I have told this kiddo for almost a year now. Still a favorite, but now he likes to help tell the story and decide what toys Abraham and Baby Bear play with at the end.

I got this idea because we have a normal sized rocking chair and also a kid-sized. So we just needed one more to make three! I made a small one out of cardboard. It was...how shall we say...not very sturdy. For some reason I was expecting it to be very easy to make and expecting it to hold up well. Neither of those were true. It broke as soon as Abraham sat on it. (But I suppose, since Abraham breaks it in the story, I could say that was intentional...)

Baby Bear's little rocking chair

Big hard chair, medium soft chair, little chair

Three bowls of porridge

Abraham tasting the porridge

Abraham trying out the three beds

The Bear Family

Abraham hugging the bears

They all lived happily ever after...
He really got excited about acting out the whole story. If I can find a sturdier small rocking chair, I'd like to try this again, and maybe make it a semi-permanent installation that he can play with on his own. The main problem was the scale of everything, because in the story, of course, Abraham is supposed to be the same size as Baby Bear. But this didn't really work out in reality. But I don't think he minded!


  1. Cute ideas! Can't wait to use this idea when we do Goldilocks.

  2. this is simply adorable! he looks like he had so much fun with i all!

    I love literature connections (book are my fave thing!!!) so keep it coming & this is great for that lil guy - he will definitely grow up with a fondness for books and reading! How awesome

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  3. Thanks for the feedback! Bernadette, I joined! :)

  4. aww so cute!!!

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  5. oh my, oh my. how am i just seeing this now? absolutely adorable. why don't you publish it into a printed book on the internet in english or spanish or both? i especially like abraham trying out the three beds. soo cuute. can we do something like this next time i come to visit? pleease!

  6. I'm late in commenting...
    but i just love everything you have to share about Abraham. You are so crafty - i love it.
    and he's growing up so fast.
    and he's so handsome.
    and oh my...can't wait to see you even for a brief moment over the Thanksgiving holiday. :)