Thursday, November 4, 2010

Okay, here's what I really wanted to write about, but maybe it's weird for you to read about? Well, tough it out. Or not. You are warned and disclaimed.

So, nursing a toddler. First of all, at what age does a baby become a toddler? I say now. He is toddling around. Anyway, we're still nursing, but it's not all gummy baby sweet falling asleep nursing, with some little whines or cries to indicate hunger. It's, hey, let me stick my arm down the front of your shirt and see if those things are still there cause I kind of want them right now. It's lying in bed hoping for a moment to rest but instead get baby acrobatics all over the place. Let's see, can I stand up while I nurse? Can I climb on top of Mama? Or swing my leg over her side? Or poke her eyes? But I gotta say, I kind of love it. He's getting so independent and person-like, but still needs to come and snuggle and nurse. And while part of me is ready to be done with it, most of me is dreading the day.

I don't think that was as weird as I thought it might sound. I don't think. Just keep in mind I could have been a lot more explicit.

Next up, be impressed at all the things my baby can do when asked. Yes, all I do is ask him like I would ask a normal person! But he is just a baby! Or toddler. 13 months.

1. Put dirty clothes in the hamper.
2. Pick up toys.
3. Do things with toys (hide, stack, open, shake, etc).
4. Put trash in the garbage can.
5. Put ANYTHING in the garbage can (see previous post).
6. Find his shoes or my shoes. (Does this even when not asked, if he wants to go outside.)
7. Indicate his wants and desires.
8. Dance.
9. Bounce.
10. Kiss, hug, high five.
11. Be the best ever.

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