Friday, October 30, 2009

amazing and tragic

Amazing: I got in bed a little after 11pm last night and DID NOT GET OUT UNTIL 7:45AM!!* What the! I know what you're thinking, and no, Abe did not slip into a coma. He slept in bed with me and woke up three times to nurse quietly and then fell right back asleep! It was practically decadent! (And for you parents out there who may be wondering, no, I did not change his diaper all night! Bwahaha. But seriously, it's justified because a) he didn't poop, or I would have changed him, cause that's just gross, and b) it was an experiment! To see how long he would stay asleep if I didn't mess with him.)

*I feel like maybe only other parents can appreciate how truly amazing and wonderful this is. You know how when you're really tired, you start thinking, "well at least I can sleep in on Saturday"? Well I just realized the other day that I have nothing to look forward to when I'm tired. It will be YEARS before I can sleep in! Aaaahhh!

Now for the tragic part: When I woke up the first time he wanted to nurse, I must have been lying in a very awkward position or something because I had a killer headache. I kept thinking it would just go away if I went back to sleep, but it has persisted to this very moment despite medicine and a hot shower. So I did not enjoy the long sleep like I should have. Waaahhhh!! Seriously, doesn't that just make you sad?

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