Thursday, May 28, 2009

hellboy aliens cook

So, I kind of forgot to write about the main thing I wanted to write about. And I don't do edits for content, only grammar.

Baby names! We have taken (and are taking, I suppose) suggestions, mostly shooting them down. And we think we may have settled on a name. At least a first name, and possibly the middle name. But I'm not sure if I want to tell people. I don't want people to not like the name, and it seems like if we wait until the baby's born and actually name him, then people will be less likely to be critical of the name.

Anderson thinks we should just tell people if they ask, and if they don't like it, say, "Well what would you suggest? Braiden?" (No offense to all you Braiden-lovers out there.)

So, advice me, people of the internet.

Yes, I meant advice and not advise.


  1. (Warning: I wrote this assuming you don't want to name your son Seamus)
    Hmmm... the only names I have that I'm not holding in reserve are girl names, which doesn't so much work for your situation.

    Also, don't tell, because then someone will say something like, "Oh, I knew a boy named Seamus once - he ate dog poo!" or "My cat's name is Seamus!" (which it is). And in the back of your mind will always be the little boy who ate poo, and my cat, who eats all sorts of disgusting things that I won't describe because you have the flu.

  2. your sister w/a babyMay 29, 2009 at 12:17 PM

    aw shucks, who cares if no one likes it. munib and i decided on a name when i was only like 1 or 2 months pregnant but for some reason we didn't want to tell anyone. i think i was around 5 months preggo when we finally told ppl and after that i couldn't figure out why we ever wanted to keep it secret. it was nice hearing ppl refer to him as tristan. it made him seem like a real person and i felt much more comfortable talking about him w/everyone after that.

    word verification: whida
    (whida you wanna keep his name secret?)

  3. See, Katie, that's what I'm worried about...or people (read: Anderson's family) coming up with all the terrible nicknames that he might be called. Or Anderson's mom naming a cat with that name if she doesn't like it, hehe.

    Smel, I thought you guys didn't tell people the name until he was born?? Maybe I just made that up. I was going to ask why you guys decided not to tell at first. But yeah, I think it would be cool for people to call him by his name before he's born. Good point. I think we've def. decided on the first name...and maybe the middle name, not sure yet.

  4. My biggest worry about any potential son is that we know for sure we don't want a JE the 3rd. Which will probably raise some hackles.

    Also, naming a cat the name you chose for your son would be so passive aggressive that the only reasonable course of action would be to find a dog and name it after her. And teach it to growl whenever she was near.