Tuesday, February 19, 2013

meditations on immortality

We were eating lunch when out of nowhere, Abraham says with surprise, "Mommy, we're NOT dying!"

I simply agreed, deciding not to go in the more morbid direction of arguing that we are all slowly dying, with each passing day. You know, because he's 3. But this assertion of his runs along the same lines as other questions that come up some time like, "Why am I still small?" "Am I four yet?" "Why is Gabriel still a baby?" Time is moving too slowly for his liking. For me, I can't believe how fast he's grown.


1. He likes to negotiate. He's got his own opinion and is not afraid to share it. For instance, he asked me around snack time, "If I eat two carrots, can I have some chips?" I said, "Sure. Do you want two carrots or one carrot and one celery?" "How about just one carrot?" "But you said two." "How about no carrots, just chips?" What! He's the one who brought up carrots to begin with! And he still had to negotiate it down.

2. We had a dance party the other day. Not to Raffi or Disney songs, but The Smiths, Juanes, Ok Go, Andy Grammer. Kid's pretty eclectic; pretty diverse selection. Just need some techno and rap to round it out. I'm accepting toddler-friendly recommendations.

3. He asks why. ALL the time. About everything. I am endeavoring to really appreciate this quality rather than allow it to exhaust me. I don't KNOW why that guy is wearing a red shirt. I really don't. But along the same lines,  when he asks me what a new word means, the English teacher in me is so so psyched about it. I will define words all day long for you, my dear! I hope he will always be so bold about asking questions, and not fall into the habit many of us have of not asking for fear of looking ignorant, and so ignorant we remain.

4. He says beautiful kind things that make my heart explode. Today we were reading a book that was about finding your talents. I asked Abraham what his talent is and he said, "Serving people." So lovely!

5. Some days, he gets completely eaten alive by his parents. He is the cutest ever! Sorry, all other boys! :)

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