Thursday, February 16, 2012

Seen Around Town

I want to start a new thing where I share here some articles, videos, blogs, etc that I run across that are interesting, inspiring, or otherwise amazing. I'm always reading fabulous things, and some I share over email or Facebook, but this would be a great way for me to keep track of them as well. So here it goes for this week!

Health and Nutrition

66 Things You Can Grow Without a Garden

Saving Food from the Fridge - Awesome article about beautifully un-refrigerating food

The Color Run - Fun, fun marathon coming to Nashville; all ages, no running skills needed - who's with me??

Fraudulent Olive Oil - This blog post summarizes a recent study on olive oil and links to a list of which ones passed the test and which ones were found to be impure (hint: most of them! even Whole Foods!). Also, this is a great blog overall for home-made, all-natural recipes for everything. 


Why French Parents are Superior

Enable Me to Grow - Great Baha'i site/blog I found on teaching virtues to toddlers; currently sharing lots of wonderful Ayyam-i-Ha activities and ideas

Thoughts? Comments? Anything cool you want to share with me?

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  1. woah woah, all articles i find are copyrighted... to me, of course. and also, what is the test that olive oil is supposed to pass? (and also, i apparently didn't go to sleep just now. oops.)