Monday, November 7, 2011

I just had this crazy thought about re-envisioning how we define room function in our homes. (Captivating, I know.) I woke from a nap with BabyHam and realized it was time for us to get up, but he was still sleeping. I wondered if the closed curtains and darkness of the room was keeping him asleep longer than usual. Then I wondered how our sleep might be improved if the room was actually painted black and we had thick curtains on both windows. It would just be called the "sleep room" and the only thing in the room would be the beds for all family members (and maybe a small nightstand for water or what have you). We could put some of those glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling (which would also be painted black). It would be like a dark cave. The curtains would somehow be rigged electrically to start opening slowly as the sunrises so that you're awakened gradually by natural light. None of your clothes or anything would be in this room, so you would need also...

The "dressing room"! This could be where all dressers and clothing for all family members would be, with a large, full-length mirror, a vanity for fixing hair and putting on lotions and potions, some chairs. Depending on the size of the room, it could be a sewing/laundry room as well. Imagine, just take off your clothes and put them right in the washer! Of course, to be more aesthetically pleasing, the washer and dryer would be behind doors.

Then, since clothes and bed are housed elsewhere, the kids would just have a playroom, devoted only to toys and arts and crafts. There would also be a reading room for all books, children's and adult's alike, that would be nice and cozy with pillows and beanbags and couches. I suppose then we could have a media room too.

I really like this idea! I kind of want to do it. It seems like a natural way to organize different aspects of life. Or maybe I'm just crazy, who knows!

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  1. I'm TOTALLY with you. I want to be able to take my clothes out the washer, throw in dryer, remove from dryer, and immediately hang or put up where I will be putting them on. I also want to be able to place my clean, wet dishes in a doubly functional drainer and storage. These two chores alone would go so much more smoothly (and in some cases, ACTUALLY HAPPEN) if my home were arranged in this way.