Thursday, May 19, 2011

A delicacy in some parts, I hear

As you may have heard, the world is ending this Saturday. I'm realizing now that there have definitely been some signs! For instance, the plague of locust at my house.

Okay, cicadas, whatever. The point is, science is crazy and freaky! It started with all of a sudden over night hundreds of the exoskeletons or skins or what have you (pictured above...and below) attached to our house and trees and bushes.

Seriously, EVERYWHERE. So many. These pictures don't do it justice at all. At first we only saw a few of the actual adult bugs, but then, unbelievably, even more crunchy skins everywhere and now swarms of adult bugs! They are slow and big and gross and everywhere and LOUD.

So we did some research, and it turns out they have a 13 year life cycle. So for 13 years they live underground, and then come out just once to mate and die. The picture above shows the holes that are all over the ground where they have emerged. Thinking of suing for property damage.

Here's what the adults look like. Luckily, they are pretty harmless. They don't eat the plants or bite or anything. They just swarm and then die all over your porch.

I showed the little bug shells to Abraham, and of course he didn't know that they're gross, so he picked one up immediately...

And smashed it gleefully between his hands.

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