Saturday, August 29, 2009

Not a post about babies or pregnancy


I've been feeling the urge to take a lot of polls lately to find out what people think about the inane minutia of my days. For instance, breakfast: Delicious or disgusting? A fried egg on top of a blueberry waffle topped with syrup, and (because I am indecisive) another fried egg on it's own, but accompanied by a blueberry waffle topped with blackberry jelly. This ended up being way more delicious than I was anticipating. Yay for breakfast in the afternoon! Yay for enjoying food during pregnancy! I may have this exact same meal for "lunch" in a bit.

The next order of business for the day will most likely be waking up the husband. The unfortunate thing about not waking up at the same time is that when he gets up, he'll want to laze about because it's Saturday and he just woke up. Whereas I've already been lazing about for over an hour, so I'm ready to move into the "getting stuff done" phase of the day...and of course all the stuff I want done involves Anderson doing the stuff. Ha. So I'll have to reign in my "what do you mean you don't want to work the second you wake up?" whines and let him have some chill time.

Headings, Facebook, and Blog Popularity

So lately I've been reading this blog in which the writer (or "blogger," if you will, but I hope you won't) breaks up each entry with amusing or descriptive headings, and I thought, hey, that's a good idea. That way the blog - especially when long - doesn't just run together like...something runny. So I wanted to start using headings, but there's also this bit of feeling self-conscious about it because I'm copying someone else's style, and isn't that lame? But then I remind myself that this person DID NOT INVENT HEADINGS. So it's cool if I use them, right? Let's take a poll.

I've also been indecisive on whether or not to have my blog automatically post to Facebook. I set it to do that a while back, and then changed it and took it off, and then put it back on recently. On the plus side, when it posts to Facebook, I get significantly more people reading and commenting, which is cool. On the downside, people don't go to the actual blog site to comment. And also the blog is then available to many more people, some of whom are only "friends," and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I mean, on the blog site itself, it's completely open to the public (including "strangers"), but it's not thrown in their faces via newsfeed.

[Insert segue here] How do blogs get popular? You know how there are those blogs out there that are "well-known" and have like thousands of people reading and following them, and then the writers get book deals or money thrown at them for putting ads on their blogs and so on. But how does this happen? I mean, suppose I updated my blog regularly and it was very witty/insightful/informative/other adjective of choice, still, how would it get popular enough to garner monetary benefits? And why?

Headings Again

Is it worth using headings if I only end up using two legitimately?

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