Monday, July 27, 2009


Random thoughts as of late...some of which have been previously posted as Facebook statuses (stati?) and thus may sound familiar. In no particular order:

Cherries. Are. Delicious. Cherry-flavored items, on the other hand, are not.

Very sore from cleaning and painting and taping walls to be painted, which is much worse than the actual painting. Of course, that could be because Anderson does most of the actual painting, but still. At the grocery store today, had to force myself not to do the pregnant waddle that my soreness was asking for.

Cashew butter, honey, and banana sandwiches on raisin bread are the new favorite lunch/dinner/snack. And cherries. I also made the sandwich for Anderson, although with peanut butter. That's right, I'm such a good wife that I touched a potentially deadly substance (albeit with a knife) to feed my husband.

Also, stupid hormones. He said he didn't like the brand of raisin bread that I bought and I cried. Haha, what a dork.

My belly feels gigantic. Everyone keeps telling me I don't look that big, but for me, for the past week or so, it has felt huge and been especially uncomfortable to sleep...and move in general. Who are these people that love being pregnant?? I hasn't been awful by any means, I don't hate it, and there are definite nice moments. But overall? Loved would be a stretch.

According to the guestimations of the doctor's office, I have 5 weeks to go! Really, this means I have 3-7 weeks to go. Most likely. You know, whenever he's ready. As long as he waits at least two more weeks, cause I've got stuff to do.

We're taking progressive pictures of nursery painting and decorating. I shall post some when it's done. Yay!

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